Burleson PD called out to reports of a fight, find football game instead

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An act of kindness by a trio of Burleson police officers is going viral.

The officers responded to a report of a fight in a Walmart parking lot not long after midnight on Thursday. However, it turned out to be something much different.

Someone thought the people that met up in the parking lot were in a fight. They had actually met up originally for a car show that turned into a football game. What it turned into next though is something none of them could have expected.

It's far from a lush green field. But for a group of Burleson teens and young adults, even a Walmart parking lot isn't always as it seems.

“We were playing football. Chilling,” recalled Alyssa Able just before police showed up. “I was like, ‘Oh god. We just got busted for playing football.”

“They got the call that someone thought we were fighting,” Raymond Samorano said.

“We got a call of a group of 20 or so people in the parking lot,” recalled Burleson Police Officer Hawkins Murray. “And the caller thought they were about to fight.”

The group thought they were busted. But officers had a different idea. Officers Ayuso, Tauch and Murray had all responded expecting a big fight. Upon realizing it was just kids having fun, they did the opposite of breaking it up.

“They came back towards us really fast,” Samorano said. “We thought they were going to tell us to leave, and they were all lined up in a line.”

It was a line that became stadium lights provided by the officers’ patrol units. They even provided some music.

“That made my night, honestly,” Able said. “Like, I teared up a little.”

Some of the kids have since had an opportunity to thank the officers for their kind gesture.

“I’m glad I got to be a part of that,” said Brayden Calk. “That was a really good feeling and moment.”

It was a moment that proves what you're expecting isn't always as it seems.

“Definitely gave me a big outlook, like different outlook on police and everything in general,” Calk said.

“Just knowing that I live in a town with officers like that, that's awesome,” Able said.

Some of the kids and their parents have shared videos and photos of the incident. Burleson PD also shared it to its page. It already has over 800 likes.