Burglary suspect shot by police in Fort Worth

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A police officer shot a man during a struggle Wednesday night in Fort Worth.

It happened around 9 p.m. as officers were responding to a burglary call at a home near the South Freeway and Seminary Drive in south Fort Worth.

The person who called 911 said the burglar possibly had a gun or a knife.

Responding officers confronted the man in the front yard and they struggled. When officers used a Taser on him, police said the man pulled the wires out and kept going.

“The suspect then lunged toward the officer. The officer deployed his Taser. Then the suspect said he was not going to jail. He lunged at the officer. The officer fired multiple times striking the individual in the torso,” said Officer Jimmy Pollozani with the Fort Worth Police Department.

The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Investigators said it appears the man knew people at the home. They found several knives at the scene.

The officer involved in the shooting is now on routine administrative leave. He’s been with the department for two years.