Burglars pose as landscapers to break into Dallas home

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Dallas police are investigating a break-in at an elderly woman’s home involving two men disguised as landscapers.

The victim says she came home as two intruders wearing bright safety vests were in her backyard and nearly came face to face with them as they were breaking in through the back door.

The victim is a 74-year old grandmother. Her home is covered with surveillance cameras and signs warning intruders, but her family says they’re still shocked how someone could be bold enough to try and break in.

It’s been weeks since someone tried to break into Janet Barrera’s grandmother’s home in Old East Dallas. But Barrera says her grandmother still can’t sleep, and her family has been with her around the clock.

“Even though they didn’t take anything, they took her peace of mind,” Barrera said. “To me, it’s more important than anything.”

Barrera says her grandmother was coming home from the grocery store around noon July 6 when she noticed two men wearing bright yellow safety vests at her back door.

“She ran out that door super-fast, and they took off too,” Barrera said.

She ran next door and called 911. When police arrived, the men were gone. Glass was broken, and the gate lock was destroyed. Surveillance cameras spotted the men circling the house for almost an hour before the break-in.

“They were wearing shorts, the vest. They had the big scissor things and just like normal,” Barrera said. “You would never think they were fixing to break into somebody’s house.”

Though no one was hurt, Barrera and her family want to warn others to be alert and always ask questions.

“I thank God nothing else happened,” Barrera said. “It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Dallas police say there have been no arrests and they haven’t been able to link the break-in to any others in the area.

Barrera’s family has added extra security to the house, but her grandmother still plans to move.