Burger King launches $5 meal

Burger King is introducing a $5 value meal. The deal comes just days after rival McDonald's introduced a similar special.

Burger King launched the "$5 Your Way Meal," which includes a choice of one of three featured sandwiches with chicken nuggets, fries and a drink, according to a report from Bloomberg.

The value meal is expected to stay on the menu for "several months," reports say.

The announcement comes as restaurants across the company deal with inflation and fewer people choosing to eat at fast-food joints. Here in California, fast-food companies have responded to the state's minimum wage increase by raising their menu prices.


California's $20 fast-food minimum wage have sparked a nationwide debate after it went into effect April 1. The state law was designed to help employees deal with California's surging cost of living, but opponents of the pay raise have previously argued it could lead to cutting jobs.

An April 2024 report from the New York Post revealed Burger King raised the price of the Texas Double Whopper meal from $15.09 on March 29 to $16.89 on April 1 – the same day California's fast-food minimum wage increase kicked in. The price increase of the said meal marked a 12% bump from the old price.