Broken water main floods, shuts down busy Fort Worth street

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A broken water main impacted both the morning and evening commute Tuesday in Fort Worth and is affecting the water supply for some people north of downtown.

The city said a 54-inch water main broke Tuesday evening and flooded busy Beach Street north of Highway 121. It has been closed most of the day between 121 and Belknap Street.

Fixing the water main break has some unique challenges. A fiber optic line is also buried down adjacent to the line, so working around it is taking more time.

A bigger crane will be needed because of the size of the pipe and the long reach down to the broken section.

The city says the pipe repairs won't be done until sometime Thursday and a temporary fix on the road isn't expected until Friday.

FOX 4 viewers Patsy McCurdy and Melissa Ultreras submitted video clips of the flooded roadway. McCurdy's video shows one vehicle possibly stuck in the hole where the break occurred. Ulteras' clip shows her husband helping to push a car that got stuck in the high water.

For those who live in North Richland Hills, the city said it is enacting Stage 3 emergency water conservation regulations. Residents are encouraged to use water only for drinking, flushing, or other uses necessary for health, sanitation or safety.

That means people should not water their lawns, refill swimming pools or run outdoor fountains. Residents are also asked to delay running their dishwasher and washing machines until the water main is repaired.