Boutique gives foster children clothes, hope

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When a child goes into foster care, they have few belongings to call their own.

Many times, they only have the clothes on their backs.

A Bay Area family created a special store to help give these children the basic items and security they need.

At The Twig Store, children can choose their own clothes in a classy boutique setting, and it's all free.

"We give out clothing items free of charge for any child that's in foster care, kinship care, or non-relative care," the store's director, Nicole Britton said. "Every child that comes in here has the opportunity to pick out seven items. That includes clothing and a pair of sneakers," said Nicole. "On top of that, we also provide them with socks and undergarments."

Kids also receive positive motivation and love to boost their self-esteem. The Twig store is open twice a month on Saturdays, offering new and donated clothing.   

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