Body found after woman called 911 as her vehicle was trapped in high waters in Garland

A body has been found by a search crew in Garland after a woman called 911 while trapped in high waters early Sunday morning.

Crews blocked a large portion of Holford Road after arriving at the scene just after 2:15 a.m.

Police said a driver tried to pass through rushing waters.

The driver’s car was found, and then a body was found further downstream.

Police said the 911 came in from a woman trapped inside her car surrounded by high floodwaters on the bridge in the 1700 block of Holford Rd. 

A fire station is less than half a mile from the bridge, but crews couldn’t get to the car due to the rising water.

Water from the creek rose 15 to 20 feet to the bridge, and then covered the bridge with up to two more feet of water. 

Crews said the car started sliding and went off into the creek.

About five hours after arriving on scene, crews said they found a body they believe is the woman who called 911.

"Around 7 a.m. this morning, we found her vehicle and it upended in the creek. Part of it was showing. We searched the vehicle and she was not in the vehicle," said Garland Fire Department Battalion Chief Michael VanBuskirk. "We had search dogs out and boats who did spot a victim, but we are unable to get close enough right now to see if it’s her. We can’t even determine the sex of the victim right now."

The medical examiner is on scene to confirm the victim’s identity. 

Authorities do not believe anyone else was in the car. 

VanBuskirk said there are gates the city usually shuts when high water is expected. However, he said last night’s rain came down too quick before the gates could be shut.

He also said that area doesn’t usually flood this bad, but the ground is so saturated. 

Holdford Rd. will remain closed for several hours.