Richardson ISD maintenance man is classical pianist by night

A Richardson ISD employee says his passion for his day job is in perfect harmony with what he does when his shift is over.

Bobby Orozco, a maintenance man for Richardson, says he has a bond with the students he sees every day.

"Some of the students have known me for a long time. From Forest Meadow Junior High when they were in 7th grade," Orozco said. "It's been cool seeing those kids grow up."

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But not all of them know what he does outside of school.

For Orozco playing the piano is more than just a hobby.

"I have 5 complete albums, and I've released several singles," he said.

Orozco says growing up he always had a piano in the house, and he grew playing and taking lessons.

"I love throwing that manuscript paper up. It makes me feel like I've completed something that's very intentional," he said.

Orozco says his latest recording is called 'Tumbleweed' with his band The Driftin' Outlaw Band. He did piano and cello arrangements for the six song album.

"I don't play the cello, so I write the parts and I hire a cellist to come in and record with me," Orozco explained. "My music doesn't have any words to it so every person can literally interpret it differently."

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Even with his success in the music business, Orozco isn't ready to give up his day job.

"I love doing what I do. I get to get on roofs, climb ladders. I get to be a maintenance guy, so I love doing this and I love my music as well," he explained.


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Orozco also gives piano lessons and puts on about three concerts a year.