Boat ramps, parks at Grapevine Lake closed for Memorial Day weekend

The city of Grapevine closed its public parks and boat ramps because they're flooded or unsafe because of debris.

The lake level is way above normal. The campgrounds at Grapevine Lake are closed because they are underwater. Nearly every recreation area here is closed due to flooding.

With Grapevine Lake now 17 feet above its normal capacity, it means a change in weekend plans for families excited to spend the day there.

Game Warden Angel Miller with Texas Parks and Wildlife says parking lots, signs and entire playgrounds are all underwater.

It’s bad news for people, like Kyle Watson, who are looking forward to a weekend on the water.

“I’m trying to figure out how to get my boat out for the weekend, and it’s not looking good,” he said.

Watson was scouting out one of the flooded ramps at Silver Lake Marina.

“The problem is you can maybe get a boat on, but the submerged stuff is the issue,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t had enough sunny days to counteract all of the rain and so it’s just flooded our lakes,” Miller said.

From Lewisville to Benbrook, 13 lakes on the Trinity River Basin are higher than their normal levels. It’s making many of their campgrounds and recreation areas unreachable. But for people with boats already docked at the marinas, it’s a different story.

Darla Beam’s pontoon boat and jet ski are ready to go. She says she’s got an eye out for the temporary lake debris.

“It’s common sense so just stay away from the edges. Those places that are underwater,” she said. “And if we don’t overflow it with too many boats, and we stay toward the middle, and we’re okay.”

Miller says even with only one ramp available, they still expect the lake to be busy. And boaters can expect random safety checks.

Lynn Creek Park on Joe Pool Lake will have limited access this weekend because of flooding. The limited parking space will be available on a first come, first serve basis. There is currently no access to boat ramps.

The ramps at Lewisville Lake are also closed because of flooding.

Each park and recreation area around the lake will have signs confirming their closure.

The current park closures will be in effect throughout the holiday weekend.