Blind North Texas author looks to inspire others to overcome obstacles

A blind North Texas man is using his life's journey to help others.

Blake Lindsay of Envision Dallas, formerly known as the Lighthouse for the Blind, has written his third book, "Overcoming Obstacles & Getting Extraordinary Results".

Lindsay says while his obstacles are a little different from others, everyone can overcome their fears.

Lindsay has been blind since he was 9 months old from something called retinoblastoma, a disease where cancer cells form in the tissues of the retina.

"It took my eyesight and thank goodness it didn't take my life," he said.

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Lindsay recalls a moment as a young boy when he stood at the top of a high dive and the words of other children made him feel afraid.

"My dad insisted that I go off of it one more time. I went ahead, and I went off the board, and I was so glad I did," Lindsay said. "The lesson I learned is that people can infuse all kinds of fear in you, and it doesn't need to be. You have to face your fears."

He says the experience helped him take on other challenges in his life.

"I ended up going from jumping off that high dive to skydiving," he said. "It was really the thrill of my life to go to 13,500 feet, which is a lot taller than 12 feet."

Lindsay spent many years working in radio, and now he is using his communication skills as a writer.

He says his new book is educational and informative.

"I want people to be inspired about their life and what they can accomplish," he said. "I want people to overcome obstacles. We've all got obstacles. I might be blind, so my obstacles are different than yours, but the hurdles you hop over are also significant."