White Rock Lake wildlife photographer shares his joy of capturing animals in their natural habitat

For wildlife photographer Phil McKinney there is nothing quite like spending a day at the lake with his camera.

"My wife and I have traveled the country photographing bald eagles for a number of years and to have some this close to home now is fantastic," said McKinney.

The eagles at White Rock Lake have not been seen since before the cold snap in North Texas last week.

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McKinney says he still finds joy in capturing animals in the natural habitat.

"Just wildlife doing what wildlife does, whether it be soaring into the bay, fishing, just doing what wildlife does," he said.

McKinney says he finds a day on the lake with his camera very relaxing.

"Early in the morning there is a lot of activity. The light is better, so it is kind of a win-win," McKinney said. "It is a good time for photography and the birds are active because that's when they begin to feed."

Growing up McKinney says his father showed him tips and tricks to taking great photos.

"As a child I didn't appreciate the magic and beauty of it, but as I've gotten older I've begun to understand. It's personal, and it is fun to share, and it is something that could potentially last forever," he said.

To look at some of McKinney's photographs click here.

He also encourages any other nature photographers to share their photos from the area around White Rock Lake here.