Black conservatives offer critique of Black Lives Matter

Many people in the African-American community stand with the Black Lives Matter movement, but not all.

The city of Dallas has seen demonstrations with protesters who say they are against police brutality, but not anti-police.

The protests have continued even after the deadly downtown ambush. Now the question is where is the campaign going?

Two black conservatives say they can no longer be quiet about what's happening in the streets across the nation and at home.

In the same Dallas park where protest rallies against police violence have been held, Chad Jackson and Pastor Stephen Broden, who has written an article about Black Lives Matter, shared their concerns about the demonstrations playing out across the nation.

“I have identified Black Lives Matter as an arm of the progressive movement that is sourced in a socialistic effort to create chaos for the purpose of redefining who we are as a nation,” said Broden. “There is a manipulation on the part of the Black Lives movement over a legitimate issue to create chaos.”

Broden says the legitimate issue is that black people are killed by police. But he says the resulting chaos -- animosity towards law enforcement and unrest in the streets -- results in problems not getting addressed.

Even in Dallas, where the protests have been civil under the direction of Dominique Alexander, Broden says the question is whether the message is misguided.

"Dominique Alexander is no Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, but he has the potential to be,” said Jackson. “He has a large following here in the Dallas area.”

Jackson feels Alexander should not just march against police.

“I think that Dominique Alexander would be best to stay in his lane and focus on issues that are in the black community,” he said.

The men argue the burning of Milwaukee, Baltimore and Ferguson are the result of deep rooted frustration over years of disparity.

“Our elected officials have failed with issues of economic development, jobs, education for our children” Broden explained. “And we are not holding our black elected officials accountable for those issues we have abdicated leadership.”

Broden lost in his race for congress against Eddie Bernice Johnson in 2010.

The men expect some pushback to their comments but say it’s time for the other side to speak up.

I think we're at a very urgent time in our nation’s history,” said Broden. “I think we're at a tipping point.”