Billy Bob's Texas to knock down beams, renovate showroom

Billy Bob's Texas announced its renovation plans in dramatic fashion.

Country music star Randy Rogers smashed a guitar on a beam, symbolizing the start of construction in what is known as the world’s largest honky tonk.

Part of the plan is to remove those beams that obstruct views on the floor.

Also, there are changes being made to improve sound and the process of selecting seats.

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"This place to me is a dream come true to play. I get my family, I get me friends, the people I grew up around and the people who love me the most to come see me at Billy Bobs more than any other venue in the United States," Rogers said.

The North Texas musician said he’s heard rumors of renovations for years. He’s glad to finally see them happening. 

"I think it’s going to make this place sound and look much better than it ever has," he said.

Rogers will be the first person to play in the newly renovated showroom, which is expected to be complete in late July.

Billy Bob’s is a 100,000-square foot venue that first opened in 1981.