Bike shops experiencing surge in sales due to coronavirus pandemic

While many segments of the economy are struggling during the coronavirus pandemic, others are seeing a boom.

More people are now spending time outdoors as a result of the pandemic. It’s positive news for Richardson Bike Mart. It has several locations, including one in Frisco.

The Frisco location used to sell a dozen bikes a week. Now, it’s selling that many in a day.

General Manager David Woolcock explains its limiting how many people can come into the store at a time because of social distancing.

“It’s like Christmas every day,” he said.

Nancy McDill has started riding bikes with her husband. She waited about 40 minutes in line to buy a bike.

“He bought a bike last Saturday from Richardson Bike in McKinney, so now I want one,” she said.

12-year-old Avery Murphy got one too.

“It’s, like, physical activity,” she said. “And it’s, like, stuff to do besides stay inside.”

There’s more fun on more wheels.

Carriers Skate Shop in Plano has never seen sales like this before.

“Due to the coronavirus, this is honestly the best thing that’s happened to rollerblading,” said Justin Jones with the skate shop. “Honestly, we don’t even have enough skates to sell everybody because we just got two shipments, and they’re already gone. We’re having to fulfill more orders.”

Bike Mart’s service department is also bringing people back to biking after years sitting idle.

“I even had one customer tell me that they had it under a tarp for a couple of years,” Woolcock said. “Can they get it back in good condition so they can ride?”

Woolcock says there are even more effects that beat the soaring bike sales.

“It’s that getting families back together and getting them outside,” he said. “Kind of doing their own social distancing, but staying together and having a blast on their bike.”