Baylor hospital workers recall Dallas police shooting

We are hearing from the doctors who were also on the front lines Thursday night as they were standing ready at the ER to try to save the lives of both officers and protesters.

They were trauma surgeons, nurses and chaplains. Each had their role in saving lives and comforting victims and their families.

"I mean what do you say? I mean, really? There is absolutely nothing to say,” said Alan Wright, a chaplain at Baylor hospital.

Difficult to put into words the distress in Dallas Thursday night, Wright felt silence and hugs were better than any words of comfort for the victims, and their loved ones. Wright and seven other chaplains showed up to Baylor as Orthopedic Trauma Surgeon Alan Jones stood by the ER doors, waiting.

"We already knew that there were some fatalities and there were quite a few police officers in the emergency room,” Jones recalled. “You could tell by their faces they knew that, too. That made things completely different."

It's what they are trained for but could never anticipate.

“This is one that I won't forget, that's for sure,” said Jones.

Doctors and nurses lined up in the ER at Baylor. Wright said instead of chaos, there was a certain kind of calm as the professionals did their jobs. He said there was disbelief, sadness and anger.

"One person caused a lot of pain in a lot of people's lives,” said Wright. “A lot of people hurting, you know? And one person decided to make that happen."

But somehow, Wright said his faith is stronger.

"I do believe that there's more good than bad in the world after a thing like this because I saw it,” he said. “I saw it firsthand."

"I think most of our community on Thursday night was thinking, 'Well, I wish I could do something to help,' but not many people are given that opportunity,” said Jones. “So I look at it as at least I had a little part to play in doing a little bit to help."

Doctors at Parkland also opened up Monday about their experiences that night

Two Dallas hospitals are left grieving but are not alone in that despair.

“I'm not the only one, you know?” said Wright. “We're all going through this together and we will make it through this together. I have faith."