Balch Springs pregnant woman attacked by dogs; owner arrested

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A Balch Springs dog owner is in jail after police say his dogs attacked a pregnant neighbor and left her seriously hurt. She's due to give birth in a few days.

Rebecca Grimes said she was doing what her doctor recommended – taking a short 20 minute walk to get some exercise. She was around the corner from her house when a pack of dogs approached and two attacked.

Grimes is now facing complications she couldn't have foreseen. She can't open and close her fist and has an open wound in her calf from the dog attack.

“I don't know how I'm going to hold her because this hand can't move,” Grimes said. “My leg, I can't put no pressure on it. It hurts so bad.”

Grimes was passing the home of Kenneth Roy Ginn Tuesday afternoon when she saw three dogs outside off their leashes. She says two dogs darted across the street and attacked.

“I was scared they would bite my baby or my stomach or something,” she explained. “It happened so fast. I was worried if I fell and hit my stomach.”

The soon-to-be mother’s brother said the dogs didn't let go until Ginn called them back. He said Ginn went back inside his house and closed the door, never checking on Grimes who was left bleeding in the street.

Police say Ginn wouldn't open the door to officers until they came back yesterday with a felony warrant.

Ginn was arrested, and his dogs went to animal services, where they are in quarantine.

One of Ginn’s sons, who didn't witness the attack, answered the door at his home.

"The only time a dog bites somebody is when it's in fear of its-self or it's been provoked,” Cody Ginn said. “And them dogs ain't ever bit nobody ever.”

“Police do not believe this was provoked. So what proof do you have?” FOX 4 Reporter Diana Zoga asked Cody.

“I don't have no proof ‘cause I wasn't here,” Cody replied. “But I’ve known them dogs since they were puppies.”

Balch Springs Police Lt. Mark Mart said the department doesn’t believe Grimes provoked the dogs. They say she was just walking down the street.

In fact, Balch Springs police point to Ginn's 15 previous citations, some for having dogs at large. This was the first record of his dogs injuring a person.

Grimes hopes the latest dog attack, for her neighbors’ sake, is the last.

“There's too many kids around here,” she said. “I got a little nephew, and I'm glad it was not my nephew.”

Grimes underwent surgery. All signs are that her baby is doing ok.

A hearing is set in municipal court for next Thursday, when a judge will be asked to decide what to do with the dogs. The city says it’s going to recommend that they are declared dangerous and euthanized.