Baby gorilla born at Dallas Zoo is first in two decades

A baby gorilla was born in late June at the Dallas Zoo for the first time in 20 years.

Mother Hope delivered the baby one week ago on June 25 in the morning, the zoo announced on Monday.

The zoo said labor lasted about an hour and both Hope and her new baby are doing well. The zoo did not announce the gender of the baby or what its name will be.

“Welcoming a critically endangered gorilla into our family is one of the most significant animal announcements we can make, and we’ve waited patiently for 20 years for this moment,” said Gregg Hudson, Dallas Zoo’s President and CEO, in a statement. “We’ve dedicated years of conservation field work to saving gorillas in the wild and now we’re proudly increasing their numbers in human care. We’re truly beaming with pride.”

The zoo said the baby and her mom could make their first appearance as soon as next week.