Baby found alive in dumpster near Hurst strip mall

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An investigation is underway after a baby was found alive in a dumpster near a Hurst strip mall.

Police say they responded to the 900 block of Melbourne Road on Friday around 9:30 a.m. after a witness called 911 regarding a medical issue.

Police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding how the child ended up in the dumpster, but the mother was still on scene when police got there.

Several businesses in the strip mall were just getting ready to open up when they heard sirens.

“I immediately saw a bunch of cop car SUVs. I think like four to five of them,” said Hoang Ta, who works nearby.

Police say a witness called them to respond to a medical call at the strip mall. When they arrived, they found a woman. They said her infant was in the dumpster behind the businesses.

“Should the dumpsters have been cleaned today, that child would’ve been killed instantly,” said Jen Jones, who works nearby. “It’s just gut-wrenching.”

By 10 a.m., the heat index had reached 84 degrees.

“That being a big tin casing with no air coming or out, you can’t live,” Ta said. “Normal adult, you’d have to get out in a couple minutes. A child, I couldn’t even imagine.”

Police are not saying how old they believe the infant is or whether it’s a boy or a girl. However, they do say both the mother and baby were taken to hospitals. The child was in good health.

Police are not identifying the child or the mother. They’re also not saying whether or not the mother will face any charges.

In Texas, parents can anonymously give their baby over without penalties to an employee at any hospital, emergency healthcare facility, fire or EMS station if the child is 60 days or younger. There are similar laws in all 50 states.