Aubrey police track down "Grinch" who stole Christmas decorations

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Aubrey police used surveillance video and social media to track down a pair of thieves who they believe stole Christmas decorations from several houses.

Police say the women were quickly identified after the video was posted on Facebook and reported on FOX 4 News.

Once the video was posted, other victims started calling in. They now believe the same suspects are linked to possibly six thefts.

It’s the week before Christmas, and Santa is already spreading some holiday cheer. But instead of presents in tow on Friday, he had Christmas decorations. With Santa riding his special cop car sleigh, he gave back decorations stolen from residents in recent weeks.

At first, Sheryl Russum thought her decorations had just blown away in the wind.

“They’ve been up every year for 20 years,” Russum said. “And for it to be gone, it was like one of the family was gone. You know?”

But other neighbors like Roland Clarke were missing their decorations, too.

“It was missing,” Clarke said. “I drove around the corner. I looked everywhere. It was missing.”

A thief was caught on camera at one home snatching decorations, and Aubrey police posted the video to Facebook.

“Within minutes of posting the video, we started getting phone calls. We started getting tips coming in,” said Aubrey Police Capt. William Townsend.

Police say they found several stolen decorations in a home garage, but they are not releasing the identities of the suspects yet because they are still investigating to see if the two women are linked to any other crimes.

Roland Clarke, had Christmas decorations stolen

“Shocked. Beyond belief. Who’s gonna steal a blow-up? Especially a child’s blow-up? This is a kid’s neighborhood.”

Having a little holiday fun, officers reunited the stolen decorations with the rightful owners.

“It’s the greatest part of the job, even something as minor as this,” Townsend said.

“They really care about the community. They really do,” Clarke said. “They say serve and protect. They’re actually part of our community.”

Police say they have six victims so far, but they believe there may be others out there. They’re urging anyone who thinks may also be a victim to file a police report.