Armed robbery on Monday marks 13th in Uptown since May

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Three suspects who police believe are responsible for an armed robbery were arrested Monday night, and police confirm there have been 13 armed robberies in the Uptown neighborhood of Dallas since May.

At approximately 11 p.m., officers responded to a robbery call in the 3200 block of Cambrick Street in Uptown.

A man was walking near Travis and Cambrick when he was approached by three black male suspects in a vehicle. They drew pistols and demanded money.

The victim complied and the suspects fled the location with his wallet.

Covert officers in the area saw the suspects fleeing and began following their gold SUV until uniformed officers arrived.

The officers tried to initiate a felony traffic stop, but the suspects refused to pull over and a short pursuit ensued.

The suspects ran into a dead-end street in the 4100 block of Wind River Drive. Two of the suspects were quickly arrested and a third was taken into custody after jumping out and trying to evade police on foot.

Jaquon Christopher, 18, Charles Hill, 17, and Roy Johnson, 17, were booked into Lew Sterrett Jail for aggravated robbery.

Police say the suspects in Monday night’s robbery don't appear to be related to three men arrested June 27 for an armed robbery just two blocks away.        

In that case, police say men robbed the victim of his wallet, iPhone and backpack.

Police also say there is no evidence at this time to suggest the suspects in Monday’s robbery are connected to any of the other armed robberies in the area.

In the past, these types of crimes in Uptown have been reported further down McKinney Avenue, where more bars and restaurants are concentrated.

But many recent crimes have happened near Cole Park, which is surrounded by townhomes.

Michael Sibley says his daughter used to live near Cole Park.

It’s quickly becoming a go-to lunch spot, so he's surprised to learn that people in the quiet pocket of Uptown are being held up at gunpoint.

“It completely surprises me,” he said.  

Cidgem Ozturk knows some of the other robbery victims and has an idea why the quiet area full of pet owners may have become more attractive for those up to no good.

“Two of them were people who walk the dogs while they were going back home,” said Ozturk. “We are literally not taking our bags with us, and everyone is talking to each other, saying, ‘Did you hear that? Be careful.’ You know, ‘This corner that corner.’”