Armed robbers held up restaurant workers in Bishop Arts District

A restaurant worker in the Bishop Arts area of Dallas was being a gentleman and was walking his co-worker to her car when armed robbers held them up.

The 18-year-old was trying to keep a coworker safe and walking her to her car after work when they were both ambushed.

It was a busy Saturday night in an area of Dallas with a lot of restaurants and retail when the robbery happened.

Jonathan Lopez drives from his home in Pleasant Grove to Bishop Arts for work because he says it’s safer.

“I felt safe in the neighborhood,” he said. “It’s Bishop Arts.”

Lopez says he had just walked one of the women he works with at Eno’s Pizza Tavern to her car around 10:30 p.m. Saturday and was doing the same for another coworker when the two of them heard footsteps rushing up behind them. They saw two young men in black hoodies when one of them pointed a gun.

“It was like surreal at the moment,” Lopez said. “I didn’t think it was like for real.”

The robbers told them to empty their pockets.

“He’s like, ‘Give me your stuff right now. I’m going to kill you right here,’” Lopez recalled.

The restaurant workers handed over their AirPods, an Apple watch, wallets without much cash in them, car keys and their iPhones. But before they gave them their phones, Lopez says the robbers asked them to put in their Apple IDs to disable the Find My iPhone feature.

“I messed up like twice on my password,” Lopez recalled. “And he was like, ‘Stop messing up. I know you playing.’”

Lopez says the men took off running after they stole their things, and Lopez and his co-worker ran back to Eno’s and called 911. He has gone back to work where he still feels safe, but he wants the robbers caught.

“The very next day I was talking to my friend about it,” he said. “I was like I could’ve died.”

There are no detailed descriptions of the armed robbers.

Dallas police have not commented on the case, so there's no word if they think they're connected to any other robberies.