Armed neighbor shoots dog attacking Arlington woman

A 73-year-old Arlington woman survived a vicious dog attack thanks to an armed neighbor.

Police say a neighbor came out and shot a pit bull attacking the woman Sunday while a second dog circled. The woman attacked has serious injuries, including several bites to her head and body.

“I went with my gut and it was to save my neighbor,” said the neighbor, who asked to remain unnamed.

Surveillance video shows the neighbor running to help a woman who was being attacked by a pit bull.

“I saw her hands fly up and I heard screaming so then I was like mom, the old lady’s being attacked,” the neighbor’s son said.

The neighbors didn’t want their faces shown, but described the moment they jumped into action.

“I ran outside, I grabbed my gun, I pulled the dogs off my neighbor and as I pulled them off, they came back again. I kicked the dog and when I kicked and turned around, I put the neighbor behind me and I shot the dog one time in his torso area,” the neighbor said.

The neighbor said a bad situation would likely have been worse without the intervention.

“I think she might’ve passed away, it could’ve been worse, because they were going for her neck and her face,” the neighbor said.

Other neighbors heard a single gunshot from inside their homes.

“The neighbor across the street here was sitting in a chair and they, people were putting rags and shirts and stuff to keep the bleeding away,” said John Thomas.

Police say while one dog attacked the woman, another circled them. Both dogs were still alive when picked up by animal services.

Investigators spoke with the dogs’ owner who says they got out of the house by mistake.

“Supposedly they were locked inside part of the house is what we were told and that somebody must’ve not gotten the door closed all the way or not kept it locked to where the dogs got out. As far as I know it was basically an accident,” said Arlington PD Ofc. Jesse Minton.

Arlington police haven’t confirmed whether previous complaints had been filed against the dogs. But the neighbor who shot the dog told FOX4 her son was attacked about a year ago, requiring him to get more than 20 stitches.

“I feel bad for the dog, but of course a human life and my son’s life comes first with no hesitation. And you can’t be taught that in a class. It’s instinct as a mom,” the neighbor said.

Police say the dog owners may be cited for this incident.