Arlington to settle with family of man killed in police shooting

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The family of the man killed by a former Arlington police officer will receive $850,000 in a settlement.

The Arlington city council approved the settlement for the wrongful death lawsuit Tuesday night.

A staff report indicates the city and the family of 19-year-old Christian Taylor met in pre-suit mediation in November. They did not initially reach an agreement, but both parties have since agreed to settle for $850,000.

In August 2015, Taylor was seen on security cameras vandalizing cars at a dealership. The Angelo State University football player was later found to have illegal drugs in his system and marijuana.

Taylor rammed his SUV through a showroom. When Arlington police responded, 49-year-old rookie Officer Brad Miller went inside alone and shot Taylor four times after he said Taylor rushed toward him and ignored commands.

Miller was fired days later. The police chief said he failed to follow procedures which led to a “catastrophic outcome.”

Prosecutors filed charges against Miller but a grand jury declined to indict him.

Taylor’s parents said they are angry about some of what they are seeing on social media: suggestions that somehow the money is important to them and people questioning their son's criminal behavior that night. But they did praise for Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson and his handling of the case.

“If everybody in the world thinks either you or you know somebody, whatever it is, you’ve experimented, you've made mistakes. Whatever it is it didn't cost you your life,” said Taylor’s father, Adrian. “And if he's breaking in whatever it is, take him to jail. Give him a trial or whatever. You don't kill him. You got pit bulls that attack people, lions in the zoo, tigers in the zoo. You shoot them with a tranquilizer to spare their life. You have five options on your belt. The first one you pull is your gun?”

There was just one speaker at Tuesday night’s council meeting, simply saying he didn't think taxpayers should be on the hook for this. The council did not respond, but the staff report indicates the settlement money will come from the city's self-insurance and risk management program.