Arlington student continues to recover after football injury

Doctors say the Arlington Lamar High School football player continues to show miraculous signs of recovery after he was seriously injured when he collided on the field with other players during a 7-on-7 game.

Brett Green Jr got a visit on Tuesday from members of the other team and a doctor who was at the game and stepped in to help treat him, possibly saving his life.

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Dr. Angela Bowers and three Southlake Carroll High School football players visited the 15-year-old player. They were competing Saturday against Brett's team in a 7-on-7 tournament at L.D. Bell High School.

“After I threw the ball, I saw him go down,” recalled Southlake quarterback Will Bowers. “It was just a scary sight.”

Angela, Will's mother, was among the first to reach Brett after he and a teammate ran into each other. Brett took a shoulder to the temple.

“It was just a bad looking collision,” Angela recalled. “We got there, and he was just completely not responsive. No reflexes. Having trouble breathing.”

Angela, L.D. Bells athletic training staff and first responders are all being credited with helping save Brett from a serious brain injury.

After meeting Brett's dad and stepmother in the hospital lobby, the visitors from Southlake went upstairs for a brief visit with him. He is still in ICU but is making steady progress. From unresponsive and on a respirator when he first was admitted, Brett seems to have improved by the minute.

"It's a miracle for me for them to say that a lot of people don't make it to the hospital,” said Brett Green Sr. “And a lot of those that do don't make 24 hours. Yeah, it’s a miracle.”