Arlington Police searching for serial armed robber

Arlington Police are looking to the public for help in finding a serial armed robber.

Investigators have a video of a man robbing a Dollar General store on May 14 in the 5700 block of SW Green Oaks Blvd. in Arlington. Police believe the video is clear enough for someone should recognize him.

Investigators said the man calmly walked in and around the store until all of the customers left. Then he pulled a gun out of his gym shorts, made the clerk open the register and give him the money. His calm demeanor makes police believe it is not his first robbery, despite him struggling to get a pistol out of his waistband. He even patted the cashier on the back.

The Dollar General robbery may not have been his last either. Police believe he robbed a Hallmark store on South Cooper Street just a few miles away, about 20 minutes after robbing the Dollar General.

“What's really alarming is, I guess he feels he didn't get enough money,” said Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook. “He leaves this [dollar store], then he goes right down the street and hits a Hallmark store. And so this is pretty brazen. He didn't make any attempt to conceal his identity or anything like that and so we need to get this guy off the street.”

Police said he left the Dollar General in a tan Toyota and believe he lives in the area.

Arlington Police said these types of violent crimes prompted them to set up their special task force – Operation Safety Net.