Arlington police search for serial armed robber

Arlington police are searching for a serial armed robber wanted for more than a dozen robberies in the span of three weeks in Mansfield, Fort Worth and Arlington.

The robberies have occurred at various times of the day and some locations, like a CVS, have been hit twice.

The armed man was caught on surveillance video Thursday night after robbing a Pizza Hut on North Collins Street.

Detectives believe he’s responsible for a 15 armed robberies in Arlington, Fort Worth and Mansfield - all in the last two weeks.

“He’s kind of overconfident right now. It’s been very easy for him to go in, get several hundred dollars and disappear,” said Lt. Chris Cook, Arlington PD.

Police say he started on February 21 with three robberies in one night.

 “In every case, he has exhibited a firearm,” Cook said.

The first was outside of the Microtel Inn on Oak Village Blvd., where investigators say the robber approached a man sitting in his car, put a gun to his head and demanded money. The victim told police he was able to distract the robber and drive off without giving him anything.

Later that night, he robbed a woman in the parking lot of Gulley Animal Hospital. The manager told FOX4 after their cameras didn’t get a close look at his face, they decided to upgrade their system immediately.

While the robber typically covers his face,s Cook says last Friday he slipped up.

“He looked right at the ATM camera and that’s our best visual so far,” Cook said.

Just after 12 p.m. on February 28, Cook says he robbed the cashier at the CVS on Green Oaks Blvd. and then noticed a man walking away from the store’s ATM with cash in hand. He fought with the victim, punched him in the head and took off with the cash.

Police say the robber in the pictures is black, heavy set and about 6’1” in height.

“We really believe somebody’s gonna see that face and know that guy and do the right thing and call in,” Cook said.