Arlington PD releases annual crime report

The Arlington Police Department is taking a look at what's working and what's not when it comes to fighting crime.

Chief Will Johnson made a presentation on Tuesday looking at overall crime in Arlington. He pointed out the department’s crime-fighting gains as well as some of its biggest challenges.

 The 30-minute long report was accompanied by a visual presentation including graphics. Among the numbers, Chief Johnson points out that since 2017 there's been a four percent decrease in overall crime and a 37 percent decrease since 2010.

Since 2017, Johnson says violent crime has dropped by just over 13 percent.

At one point, the chief spoke about issues including marijuana offenses and how they often coincide with other crimes and how the judicial system and low bond amounts perpetuate repeat offenders.

Johnson made the point while calling attention to an officer-involved shooting captured on officers' body cameras in January. During that incident, 20-year old Tre'shun Miller exchanged gunfire with officers following a traffic stop where he attempted to run away. Miller was shot and killed during the encounter.

“We’re gonna continue to focus on known offenders, illegal drugs, illegal guns because those issues are impacting most of our crimes in town,” Johnson said. “We’re gonna continue to topics that are of importance to the community as it relates to building public trust and expanding community policing.”

Chief Johnson says there are 617 body-worn cameras in use throughout the department.

There are still some challenges for the department. There was a three percent increase in crimes against persons since 2017. Also, misinformation that spreads across social media is making it a challenge for community policing.