Arlington officer's DWI prevention efforts to be honored

An Arlington police officer is on a special mission to save lives.

Inspired by the death of her sister in a drunk driving crash, Officer Stacie Brown has served on the department's DWI unit since it started in 2007. She will get an award for her efforts on Wednesday.

“People keep getting behind the wheel, for whatever reason and they’re taking lives every day. And it’s 100% preventable,” Brown said. “I feel like I’m saving not just one life, when I stop a drunk driver. I feel like I’m saving at least a minimum of two lives. The person that drunk driver could hit, but also the drunk driver.”

The department says she makes roughly 100 community appearances each year preaching and the dangers of drunk driving. Brown shares with audiences how her life, personally and professionally, has been affected by drunk drivers.

“Sometimes the job can get personal, but I think he gets personal in a good way. Because I sympathize. I understand,” Brown said.

In 1995, brown’s 28-year-old sister, Shelli Lacey, was one of three people killed in East Texas in a drunk driving crash that she caused.

“You’re learning, you just lost your love one and then you walk in and now you’re learning she was the drunk driver. It’s just, it’s just devastating! I mean there’s no words. I have no words,” Brown said.

Brown is driven by the mistake of her sister to make a difference. 

“It’s hard to know that she took life. So, I just want to prevent others from taking life. So, that’s where my motivation lies,” Brown said.