Arlington ISD warns students about indecent exposure incidents

Arlington police say a school resource officer caught a man performing lewd acts near an elementary school and park.

Officers were on the look-out for the suspect because of a similar report near a high school last week. Police also say they're looking for a suspect in another similar incident.

Police are investigating two separate incidents they don't believe are related. They're still looking for one suspect. However, one man was arrested thanks to some quick thinking by a 16-year old girl who saw him on her way to school twice.

Ever since the first week of school, Arlington police have been looking for a man preying on students walking to school.

Police say a 16-year old girl was walking to Sam Houston High school on the first day of classes on August 22 when she noticed a gray Nissan Pathfinder with its door wide open.

“She kind of glanced over to see what was going on,” said Arlington Police Lt. Chris Cook. “She was walking by and she saw a man exposing himself.”

The 16-year-old told her parents but didn't initially report it to police until she saw the same SUV again that same week.

“She was so shaken up from the first incident, she didn't even want to look,” explained Cook. “All she did was jot the license plate down. She kind of blocked her face as she walked by the vehicle.”

Police say the girl’s actions were a big help. A school resource officer found the SUV parked illegally on the 2000 block of Kent Drive near Bob Cooke Park and Johns Elementary School.

“There was a man inside,” said Cook. “And when he opened the door, this man's pants were undone and stuff like that.”

Police arrested Wilfredo Villeda for indecency with a child and several traffic violations but are not releasing his mug shot until a photo lineup with the alleged victim is finished.

The school district sent home a letter telling parents what happened and warning students.

“It's always good to know a case like this has been resolved,” said Arlington ISD Spokesperson Leslie Johnson. “But we still want to encourage our students to not walk alone and to make sure if they see anything, that they do report it.”

Arlington police and the school district say having just one of these incidents is rare but a second similar incident was reported this past Wednesday. Police are still looking for that suspect.

“This is a very scary type of offense because you never know when someone's going to elevate it to something more serious, like a potential kidnapping or something like that,” said Cook.

Police are urging any other students who may have seen either of these men come forward and help them with their investigation. They say it's not uncommon for people to stay silent in these types of situations, but still encourage people to report it when it happens.