Amber Vinson donates blood for Ebola research

A nurse who successfully battled Ebola says she is ready to do her part to help find a cure.

Amber Vinson will donate blood to the drug development company X-Biotech.

Vinson was the second Dallas nurse who contracted Ebola after treating Liberian-native Thomas Eric Duncan. Duncan died from the virus in October.

Dr. Kent Brantly and missionary worker Nancy Writebol have donated blood for transfusions. Vinson's blood will be used by scientists researching a cure.

The blood from those who survive the deadly virus is said to contain powerful antibodies.

Meanwhile, the first experimental vaccine is on its way to Liberia.

The shipment will be the first potentially preventative medicine to reach one of the hardest hit countries.

The World Health Organization says the fight against Ebola has reached a turning point. Liberia, which reported almost 9,000 cases since 2013, only detected eight new cases last week.