Amazon holds career day to fill 1,300 Dallas-area jobs

Massive crowds showed up for Amazon Career Day in Dallas.

The retail giant set up a learning day on Tuesday to help job seekers land any job. While many companies are scaling back and cutting jobs, one of the largest private employers continues to grow.

Amazon is hoping to fill 1,300 jobs in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Recruiters were at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field on Tuesday in Dallas for a career day event.

The company did not take applications or did interviews, but hundreds of recruiters at the event gave interview tips, offered resume advice and answered questions about the available positions within the company.

The new Amazon regional air hub at Alliance Airport in Haslet is pivotal for amazon customers wanting quick deliveries and for North Texas cities and citizens.

Haslet Mayor Bob Golden says his town benefits from property taxes from Amazon, new jobs and recognition. He explains why the retail giant made the move.

"We can publicize our city as being a willing partner in future economic endeavors,” he said. “Instead of paying someone else to deliver their stuff overnight, FedEx airplanes or UPS airplanes are going to be flying their own company planes with their own crews, their own company and keeping it all in house.”

The scene in Dallas further reflects Amazon’s growing mark on North Texas with a career fair.

“We have opportunities across so many departments at Amazon. We have 30,000 roles that are open currently. So these are roles that we’re looking to fill,” said Laura Gunning, a spokeswoman for Amazon. “There are jobs ranging from customer fulfillment roles, working with the most updated robotics to computer sign visionists who are working with Amazon Go. So the opportunities are very wide and we’re looking for people to fill those roles now.”

North Texas business experts are watching it all. They are recalling how North Texas vied for but lost the bid to become home of Amazon's second headquarters. 

Dr. Hettie Richardson with TCU says the regional air hub could be a bigger prize.

“We are already a hub for shipping as it is. It’s something that plays to our strength,” Richardson. “We are not trying to remake ourselves to be something Amazon wanted. We are what Amazon wanted, and now we get to use that to our benefit.”

There are full and part-time jobs available, all paying at least $15 an hour. For more information, visit