Allen Outlets shooting victim discusses recovery: 'I'm grateful, I'm thankful'

One of the victims of the deadly shooting at the Allen Premium Outlets on May 6 shared his story from Medical City McKinney on Tuesday.

We also heard from the team of doctors who helped to save his life.

This is another turning point for the community on a day when the memorial outside the mall was taken down. The crosses are going to the families of the eight victims who died.

8 people were killed, and several others were injured in the shooting. 8 of the injured patients were treated at Medical City hospitals.

Irvin Walker spoke to reporters about the shooting directly for the first time.

"Praise to the most high God who protected me through this process," he said. 

Walker was shot multiple times in the chest through his windshield after dropping off his girlfriend at a store.


Allen shooting survivor recalls security guard helping him before his death

Irvin Walker was shot in the chest after dropping off his girlfriend at a store. He told his family a security guard came to his aid. He later watched that guard get gunned down.

Staff at Medical City McKinney says the damage was millimeters away from being deadly.

Walker said as he stumbled out of his vehicle, he was helped by 20-year-old security guard Christian LaCour. LaCour was shot and killed shortly after.

"He preceded to tell me to have a seat because I was walking and running," he recalled. "And he was behind me and, I don’t have much to say after that. The tragedy occurred."

Walker's attorney told FOX 4 he had multiple surgeries on his path to recovery.

Doctors said Walker still has a long path to recovery, but his smile, even in the emergency room following the shooting inspired them.

"He had multiple wounds. Too many to count. On his head, shoulder, neck, chest," said Dr. Elizabeth Kim. "And some of those bullet tracks were so extensive that we had to open his up and clean everything out underneath."


Allen mall shooting memorial taken down Tuesday

Starting at 10 a.m., the Allen Fire Department will pick up the flowers, crosses, notes, teddy bears, and other items which will be given to the victims' families.

One bullet fragment nearly pierced Walker’s heart. Dr. Kim said it likely would have killed him.

Walker got emotional recalling that life-altering day.

"I think this event was evidence of evil not winning," he said. "The power of God just showed brightly and gave me the opportunity to fight through this process."

Walker, who works as an insurance adjuster, thanked his family and fraternity brothers who have been by his side arrived at the hospital. He also thanked the medical staff.

And as Walker continues to recover, he's asking the community to pray for the other victims and their families.

"It’s a horrible situation. It hurts to have to see people suffer. To see their family or kids pass away," he said. "I want everyone to keep this community in their prays. There’s people far and long that are impacted by this. Just keep them lifted."

Walker still has a long road to recovery. He's about to start rehab to improve mobility in his right arm. He’s confident he'll make a full recovery thanks to what he calls his ‘dream team.’

Medical City Healthcare's last update on Friday said that its McKinney location had three patients in fair condition and one patient in good condition. Medical City Plano had one patient in good condition.

How to help the victims

A list of approved and verified fundraisers are available on the City of Allen website.

The city says The Allen, TX Shooting Victims' Fund guarantees that families of the victims and those wounded will receive 100% of the funds.

The Support for Allen Fund will give money to local nonprofit agencies that provide mental health grief and trauma support for victims, their families and first responders.