Allen councilwoman causes uproar by proposing ban on gun shows

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One city council member in Allen created an uproar by proposing a ban on gun shows at the city-owned event center.

There was a large turnout at the Allen City Council meeting Tuesday night in response to proposals made by Councilwoman Lauren Doherty on gun reform.

She took her concerns to Facebook and wrote an editorial in the Dallas Morning News after learning the El Paso shooter lived in her Allen neighborhood.

Doherty believes lawmakers need to reduce the number of guns that exist in civilian hands. She said if state and federal lawmakers will not act, the Allen City Council should by passing red flag laws.

Doherty is also proposing that the city stop allowing weapon sales on its property.

This is garnering a lot of attention because it targets gun shows which run at the Allen Events Center.

“I realize that these shows bring revenue to our city but I trust that the people who book events at Allen Events Center can book better shows and shows that are more representative of our city,” said Melissa Grear, an Allen resident.

“I’m a good gun owner. I shoot. I teach people to shoot. And I would hate for us to lose the gun shows in Allen. The vast, vast majority of us are good citizens. We are not the aberrant person that does some of this stuff. And they are gonna get them anyways from somewhere until the laws get changed,” said Kevin Pierce, another resident.

The next gun show in Allen is scheduled for December.

For now, Doherty’s proposed gun show ban has not made it to the city council’s agenda.