Alleged ring leader of credit card crime ring operation arrested

Police believe a man arrested for stealing packages in Plano is actually the leader of a credit card crime ring operating in North Texas and throughout the country.

On Monday, FOX 4 told you about the Plano fire chief who says someone stole his credit card information, ordered $6,000 worth of stuff to his home, and then stole the shipments. That's until Plano police intercepted the package and arrested Dayo Anisulowo for the crime.

Anisulowo was arrested again on Tuesday for the third time. He was charged with credit card abuse.

He has been arrested in the past for theft, identity theft and fraud in Dallas, Denton and Collin Counties.

The Colony Police are working to put him in prison for the scam they say he's been running there.

"How can we allow a person to continue this behavior?" said Sgt. Jay Goodson.

Last October, Nebraska Furniture Mart caught Anisulowo trying to buy laptops, iPhones and iPads. Colony police say he was using a Nebraska Furniture Mart credit card he got using someone else's information. Once the company caught on, he was arrested.

But Sgt. Goodson says he kept coming back to try the same con with different identities and a dozen accomplices.

“There's a lot of them that are doing that, and it is a ring,” he explained.

Police say they've encountered several Zimbabwean people who help Anisulowo. The say he sometimes used Uber or Lyft drivers to pick up items he's ordered fraudulently.

Unless detectives can prove he stole the credit card information himself, he can't be charged with identity theft. He can only be charged with attempted theft. It’s part of the reason police say he's not in prison already.

"You've got to build that foundation first,” said Goodson. “And sometimes, that might take months or years for that kind of criminal activity to catch up with them before we have a real solid case."

And now, police might have a solid case. Investigators in Plano, The Colony, McKinney, Sachse, Denton and Irving are aware of him.

"He is a big fish,” said Goodson. “He's probably one of the leaders that's organizing this. He always seems to pop up."

Police in The Colony say none of their charges against him have gone to trial because some of the victims live there and others live out of state, which takes time to investigate.

One alleged victim said Anisulowo used her credit card information to buy things at Best Buy, a diamond store and tried Target and Nebraska Furniture Mart. She said, "He's living the American dream by stealing from us."