Alcohol sales likely coming on-campus at UNT

University of North Texas students may soon not have to look off-campus to enjoy dinner and drinks.

The UNT Student Government Association recently approved a motion supporting the idea of selling alcohol in the student union and at university-sponsored events. The university also applied to the TABC for a liquor license on Tuesday.

If everything falls into place, officials said the money made from liquor sales could go toward scholarships. The student government also recommended a portion be allocated for alcohol education and drug prevention programs.

Since Fuzzy’s Taco Shop opened in the union in November, many students said a beer or a margarita would make hanging out there even better.

"I think that if you're 21 and you're of legal age to do that, you should be able to do that even if it is on a student campus,” said Bradley Raines, a UNT student.

"One thing that we've seen requested time and time again is for Fuzzy's to sell specifically margaritas, but alcohol in general,” said SGA President Adam Alattry.

In addition to Fuzzy's, the university could serve alcohol at catered events instead of using a third party vendor.

"With the whole alcohol petition, I think it's just an opportunity for students to really feel more at home," said Alec Smith, another student.

But not everyone is on board. Some students have concerns.

"There are many undergraduate students who are underage,” said Sharath Mummadi, a graduate student. “This is very accessible to them also. So they have to be very careful."

Alattry said the student government did not consider underage drinking a factor because the sales would be regulated just like at any bar.

The university is awaiting approval from the TABC. Officials also stressed that the university has not yet made a decision on if and how the liquor license would be used.