Ahmed Mohamed's suspension ends, controversy continues

The MacArthur High School student arrested for a homemade clock is no longer suspended, but he did not return to class.

The person scheduling interviews for Ahmed Mohamed said he is in New York Friday for appearances on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The 14-year-old has also said that he wants to transfer, although he is unsure about where he will enroll.

Mohamed was arrested at school Monday after a teacher thought his homemade clock looked like a bomb.

Police said they acted out of an abundance of caution and argue the Muslim teen was not racially profiled.

Police Chief Larry Boyd told the city council Thursday night that the department has the support of Islamic community leaders.

“They enthusiastic and supported the idea that we will learn from and build off of this and continue the strong relationship,” he said.

But, many still believe the controversy began because of Mohamed’s race and religion. A small group of activists held a prayer vigil to end Islamophobia Thursday night outside the school.

Outside Macarthur High School, a small group of supporters gathered on Friday afternoon.

There were at least a few shouts of disagreement.

“You bring something that looks like a bomb, to school you deserve to go to jail,” one man said to the protestors.

Progress Texas, a liberal political action group, hand-delivered more than 13,000 petition signatures to the Irving Independent School District. Progress Texas wants an apology and a suspension reversal for the teen.

As for the clock itself, it remains ready for pick-up at the Irving Police Department. 

Since no charges will be filed, police say the family and Ahmed can have it back. The family said they would retrieve it on Friday, but haven’t yet.

Some close to the family say that it’s been an overwhelming week and it’s possible that the Mohameds are going to deal with that task later.