After fumbled first date, New Port Richey man puts apology signs all over town

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After their first date went horribly wrong, a Pasco County man made an attempt to salvage the situation by putting up apology signs all over town. The signs, which simply said "I'm sorry Lisa," confused just about everyone in New Port Richey, but on Tuesday the man behind the campaign revealed the truth to FOX 13 News.

Jarrett Powers says, on his first date with Lisa Wright, things did not go as planned. He asked Lisa out on a date when the two ran into one another at a gym on Little Road. 

They got dinner, but when it was time for him to pick up the check, he realized he forgot his wallet and Lisa was forced to pay.

“She thought I did it on purpose,” Jarrett said. 

"He goes, 'I don't have my wallet,'” Lisa remembered. “I'm thinking, 'Yeah right, this would only happen to me.'"

Afterward, they went their separate ways, both thinking their relationship was over before it started. Jarrett , however, was not giving up so easily. 

First, he left Lisa an envelope at the gym with cash to repay her for the date. Then he bought some posterboard and made his signs. They were posted all over town, and eventually all over social media. 

Everyone wanted to know: Who is Lisa, and does she accept the apology?

“I thought, she’s either really going to like this or she’s going to think I’m a stalker,” Jarrett admitted.

“There was something there,” Lisa said, adding the signs worked. "That guy went out of his way to put those signs up!"

They are planning to go on a second date this weekend.