Affidavits reveal new details in McKinney daycare child abuse case

10-30-2019 Update: The former daycare worker facing child abuse charges, is scheduled to be in court on Dec. 16, 2019 in Collin County.  Jessica Joy Wiese was charged with several counts of abuse of several children at the Joyous Montessori Daycare center in McKinney, Texas in December 2018.  That daycare center was permanently closed.  Currently, there are three other independently owned and operated daycare centers in North Texas with the same name, Joyous Montessori Daycare.  Neither, Jessica Joy Wiese, nor the McKinney daycare, has any affiliation with the independently owned and operated daycare centers with the same name in Keller, Lewisville and Fort Worth counties.


Newly-released arrest affidavits reveal more about the injuries a former daycare worker is charged with inflicting on children at a McKinney Montessori school.

According to police records, parents of a 2-year-old contacted police after seeing reports about the arrest of Jessica Wiese in early December. Police records show Wiese tried to pass those injuries off as "self-inflicted.” Now, Wiese is charged with injuring several children.

More of the arrest affidavits were released on Thursday, providing more information about what police say happened to babies in Wiese's care.

Olivia Williams says her 6-month-old boy, Henry, can't sleep in a crib since being in Weise’s care.

"He'll have panic attacks and hyperventilate and I'll have to calm him down,” she said.

Williams says she saw the surveillance video of Wiese yanking Henry out of a crib in a dead sleep.

"She grabbed him by the arm, flipped him on his back and started hitting him,” she said.

Wiese is now charged with eight felony counts of injury to a child.

The arrest affidavits released Thursday state that one couple sent police 14 photos of injuries sustained at the daycare, including four daycare incident reports detailing injuries that were signed by Wiese.

Another affidavit states that when a mother picked up her baby from the daycare, she noticed a black eye. However, the “staff did not mention any incidents to her."

An affidavit also details more of what is seen on daycare video surveillance of Wiese holding an infant then "striking the...infant in the back with a closed times" ... later "violently shaking the same infant while holding her in her hands."

"It's heartbreaking but not surprising,” Williams said.

An email obtained by FOX 4 from Montessori management to parents states that the Montessori does a "background check, FBI fingerprinting, pediatric CPS/first aid training [and]...24 hours of continuing education throughout the year." It goes on to state that the Montessori will soon "provide an option for live video access to parents...two teacher accountability in infant class" and more.

Williams, like many mothers, has pulled Henry out of the daycare. She's been working from home because she doesn't trust him to be in the care of anyone who's not family.

"I'm afraid that it's going to happen again,” she said. “I lost all trust."

Wiese's attorney has not returned calls for comment. FOX 4 also obtained another email sent by Montessori management stating that there is a new school director.