Abbott welcomes an increase in Californians moving to Texas (with one catch, though)

(Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)

More Californians are leaving their state and coming to Texas.

The Texas Realtor's Association reported more than 86,000 California residents moved to Texas in 2018, about one third more than the previous year.

The Los Angeles Times also reported that more than 1 million people have left California over the past 10 years. A survey found that Texas was their top destination.

Most people said they decided to leave the Golden State because of the high cost of living, high taxes and the state’s political climate.

Gov. Greg Abbott said Texas has plenty of room for Californians. But he warned Texans do not believe in high taxes, regulations and what he called a socialistic agenda.

The Republican governor said Californians who support less government and individual freedom should fit right in.