A closer look at how the scooter pilot program is going in Dallas

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Many people are still getting used to the scooters that seem to have taken over the streets of Dallas.

Now that they have been around for a year, the city is sharing statistics on how many injuries involving the scooters have been reported.

There’s been nearly 200 emergency room visits from people ridding scooters on sidewalks and streets.

Texas law doesn’t require you to wear a helmet with the scooters, though most of the companies encourage you to wear one.

In the last year, 156 ER visits resulting in brain injuries and other injuries have come from the scooters.

Some are still wondering where they can ride them.

In certain parts of town, riding on the sidewalk is prohibited, but people still do it.

One new scooter rider shared her thoughts about what she thinks the city should do.

[REPORTER: “Do you think some new rules need to be put in place?”] “I do. If they slow down, watch out for pedestrians, not ride on the sidewalk where people are coming in, people walking, someone can seriously get hurt,” Marcella Smith said.

The pilot program for Dallas ends in November.

The city is said to still be working on a proposal to regulate the scooters.