8-year-old Dallas girl killed in weekend wreck

A North Dallas family is mourning the sudden loss of an 8-year-old girl who was killed in a wreck along I-35 Saturday afternoon.

Family members say Kamree McCullough was going to her mom’s house after spending the day fishing and swimming with her dad.

“She was full of life,” Sue Ellis said describing her daughter. “She was a hell raiser.”

Just a few hours before the wreck on I-35 near Royal Lane, McCullough had been picked up by her father and his girlfriend.  Ellis and her husband are separated.

Ellis then received a call from a social worker who told her about the accident.

"My husband has five broken ribs, a punctured lung, a broken arm and a broken hand,” Ellis said. “My 8-year-old is dead.”

According to the police report, the gold Buick LeSabre the three were riding in ran out of gas in the left lane of I-35. That’s when a driver of a black Dodge Charger who was traveling in the same lane didn’t see the disabled car and slammed into the back of it.

Kamree was rushed to a hospital where she later died.

“I asked the doctors if they can roll him over there so he can see her,” said Ellis. “We went into the room and the only thing you could see was her arm, nose and lip. And he just grabbed her and was rubbing on her hand.”

Kamree was the youngest of six girls. Her oldest sister is tasked with planning her funeral.

"Were just trying to pull it together for Kamree and my mom,” said Kristin Robinson, Kamree’s older sister. “We just have to be strong.”

But Ellis admits staying strong is tough when you lose someone you love so unexpectedly.

“Family is everything. Keep family as close to you as possible and let them know that you love them,” said Ellis. “And Kamree, I love you so much.”

The condition of the other driver has not been released or if any charges will be filed.

The family plans to hold a balloon release in honor of Kamree Friday night. A link to the family’s GoFundMe can be found here.