8-year-old boy shot while asleep in Dallas apartment

A young boy was rushed to the hospital Sunday night after being hit by a bullet while he was sleeping.

Dallas police said it happened around 9:30 p.m. at an apartment complex on Rothington Road, near Interstate 30 and Buckner Boulevard.

Police are still investigating and haven't said whether the apartment where the boy lived was targeted, or if this was random. There's also no suspect description.

Neighbors describe hearing shots and then hearing screams.

A bullet reportedly came through a second-story window and struck the boy while he was in bed. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Police have said little about who they believe is responsible for opening fire here or why. 

Some residents FOX 4 spoke with who saw the boy's family Sunday night after the shooting say they appeared heartbroken. 


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Witnesses said the victim and another man got into a physical fight before the shots were fired.

Neighbor Jerica Walker was too shaken to show her face on camera but says she heard multiple gunshots Sunday night.   

 "Right after we heard the fireworks, we heard big shots. Probably five or six shots," she recalled. "And we started ducking with our kids to make sure all our kids were okay." 

A man who says he does maintenance work for the complex and lives there says he saw a pickup truck drive by after shots were fired.    

"When I heard the gunshots, it was about 8 on the other side of the property. In that time, a white truck passed by. But at the same time of the gunshots, there were some fireworks," he recalled. "But I don’t know. The people here responded, then we heard three other gunshots."

Meanwhile, Walker is concerned for the safety of other kids in the complex. 

"With it being a shooting, it’s kind of hard to allow them to go outside and play," she said. "And these apartments are already small, so they can’t really play on the inside as much as they could outside." 

Police did not say what part of the boy's body was hit by the bullet. They do say no one else inside the apartment was injured.

Walker says she’s praying the boy survives and recovers.

"Hopefully, we get to see the child come back home and we can bring gifts," she said.

Police have said little about the investigation, only saying they have no suspect information to provide. They have not said how many people they're looking for, who may have been targeted or addressed a possible motive for the gunfire.