$77,000 fine after Fort Worth MillerCoors employee's finger amputated

OSHA has issued two citations and a $77,000 fine to MillerCoors’ Fort Worth brewery after an investigation into an employee’s finger amputation.

OSHA issued a willful citation when inspectors found that lathes in the brewery’s maintenance shop lacked necessary safety guards that could have prevented the amputation. It issued a serious citation after finding the lathes did not have emergency stops installed. OSHA began the inspection on Jan. 5.

"MillerCoors completely disregarded the safety of the workers who operate machinery to maintain the equipment in the facility," said Jack A. Rector, OSHA Fort Worth Area Director. "This employer owes it to the many, many consumers who purchase the Miller Brewery's products to do what was necessary to protect the employees who work hard to produce it from workplace hazards."

MillerCoors employs about 700 people at its Fort Worth brewery.

"The safety of our employees always has been and remains the top priority at MillerCoors," the company said in a statement. "The issues brought forth in the citation have already been remedied, and we will continue to work with OSHA in our ongoing commitment to the well-being of our workforce."