4 out of 10 Dallas ISD seniors not on track to graduate, district reports

Dallas ISD trustees were presented with an alarming update.

About 40% of high school seniors are not on track to graduate.

In hopes of catching students up, Dallas ISD wants to get all seniors back into the classroom starting Monday.

The district is calling the campaign to get seniors back in the classroom "Finish Strong." And with only nine weeks of the school year left, the clock is ticking to catch hundreds of students up in time for graduation day.

Kelbie Lewis just returned back to in-person school a couple of weeks ago. At first, she says it was an adjustment seeing friends she hadn't seen in a year. But now, she says the classroom is the best place to be.

"The support system of peers. Everyone is going through the same thing and due dates. When you work together, more things get done. At home, it takes time. I get to it when I get to it. There are other things to do. At school, I'm at school."

Dallas ISD says many of its seniors have fallen off track in the virtual learning environment. With just less than nine weeks to go in the school year, four out of ten DISD seniors are not ready to graduate.

Lewis is one of the seniors who is on track. She's finished all of her high school classes and is now only taking early college courses through UNT.

Lewis will get to participate in the many incentives Dallas ISD is now offering seniors to motivate them to catch up. The activates range from a day at Six Flags to an event at Dave and Busters to prom.

"Even though it’s not normal, they’re trying to show us they care," she said. "Hard work pays off."

Dallas ISD trustees are set to hear the district's plan to bring seniors back to school at a later meeting.

Earlier, trustees saw plans to make summer school resemble camp to help make up for learning losses during the pandemic.