4 Fort Worth firefighters hurt in rollover crash, 1 critically

Four firefighters were hurt when the engine they were riding in rolled over; one is in critical condition.

What caused the crash is still unclear. However, the immediate concern is the injured veteran firefighters. 

(Source: Fort Worth Fire Department)

The crash happened around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday as firefighters were responding to a fire on Pecos Street in southeast Fort Worth.

The first responding fire truck arrived. The second responding truck did not. It flipped at the intersection of Village Creek and Wilbarger.

The driver of the fire engine lost control at the intersection of Village Creek Road and Wilbarger Street near the Eugene McCray Community Center and crashed into a tree.

The truck’s driver and a firefighter seated in the rear received minor injuries. They have already been released from the hospital.

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(Source: Fort Worth Fire Department)

Two others remain hospitalized, including the highest ranking of the crew who’s in critical condition. The truck officer suffered a head injury when he was ejected from the front right seat. He has a special connection to Station 3 and the Stop Six community.

"It’s my understanding the officer just transferred from another area of the city to back into that community to provide services to that community, to be with that group of people," explained Fort Worth Fire Chief Jim Davis.

One person was injured in that house fire, and the family was displaced.

The Fort Worth Police Department is investigating what led to the crash. 

"I don’t have any specifics as to what may have caused this investigation, but we’re going to be looking at every factor we possibly can," said Fort Worth Police Chief Neil Noakes. "We’re working with the fire department to make sure we gather all relevant evidence and information."

The chief says there are a couple of key points to keep in mind during the investigation.

"One, how to give the public the best confidence that we are going to take this seriously and get to the bottom of it, and at the same time give the benefit of the doubt to the people that were involved that they were doing the best they could in the situation as it developed," he said.

The city council and staff expressed their concern Tuesday afternoon as Chief Davis gave an update on the accident at the council’s scheduled work session. At times, the chief became emotional.

"There’s a lot of people to thank so far today too outside in the community," he said.

The chief explained the crew was on its ninth or tenth call of their shift and the second working fire of the night. They were heading to back up firefighters battling flames at a home a couple of miles away, where one person at the scene suffered minor injuries.

"It was not a new route. However, one of the things that remains to be determined: there’s construction in the area, there’s some road changes, closures, bridgework, bridge maintenance. I have no idea, I’m not speculating," Davis said.

The truck that flipped is an engine truck. Engines carry water, a pump and a hose to extinguish fires. 

Michael Glynn leads the union that represents Fort Worth firefighters.

"I know all four of these firefighters very well," he said. "It’s a seasoned crew, collectively they have more than 70 years of experience. The driver has more than 20 years on the job."

"They are a group of aggressive firefighters who love the job, and they’re there because they want to be there," Davis said. "I ask that you keep our department and these four folks and their families in your thoughts and prayers. As I say to you, one of them is really in a fight right now."

At Station 3, a group of children from the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Tarrant County dropped off signs of support.  The branch director says they’re familiar with firefighters at the station who sometimes stop by.

Several fire crews gathered on the streets outside the JPS Hospital emergency room with their vehicles.