3 East Texans arrested for vandalizing vehicles in Mesquite

Mesquite police say three people from East Texas are behind dozens of vandalism cases involving firing BB guns into car windows.

Police say all three suspects confessed to the crimes. They say some of the victims were people they knew. Others were just for kicks.

Investigators are now trying to see if the suspects are linked to a string of similar cases in Garland.

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Mesquite police say the three suspects in custody confessed to all 55 cases reported in their city alone. According to investigators, the BB gun bandits targeted people they knew and decided to also shoot up random cars while driving through the area.

It’s been nearly a week since Tammy Sharp had her rear passenger-side window shot out by a BB gun.  trash bag covers the hole until she can get the $500 to have the glass replaced.

“It didn’t just have a little hole in it,” she said. “It was shattered.”

To make matters worse, Tammy learned on Tuesday that it wasn't a random act. One of the three suspects arrested by Mesquite PD on Monday is a former friend of her son, Charles Sharp.

“This is just retaliation,” he said. “This is someone being bored being spiteful and rude because I talked to his ex-girlfriend.”

Charles is referring to 22-year-old Dustin Morgan. Mesquite police say Dustin, along with his brother, 28-year-old Gerald Morgan and 23-year-old Viktorya Hailey all confessed to the acts of criminal mischief that were committed between June 3 and June 18.

Mesquite Police Lt. Brian Parrish says surveillance video recovered from several homes and businesses helped them identify the suspects. They were located in the Wood County town of Winnsboro in East Texas.

“Some were people that they had known when they had lived in and around the areas of Dallas,” Parrish said. “But then, they committed damage for just no good reason in those general areas.”

Investigators believe the trio may also be responsible for 23 similar cases in Garland where car windows in a neighborhood off I-30 were also shot out this month.

Charles hopes the suspects pay for what they did.

“I just wanted justice,” he said. “I want them to actually face their consequences.”

Because the suspects confessed to 55 incidents, detectives are able to charge them with a state jail felony. The trio could face additional charges in Garland and possibly in Dallas.

Mesquite police say they're also looking for a fourth suspect who is a juvenile.