22-year-old UNCC shooting suspect used to live in North Texas

A man who used to live in North Texas is accused of killing two people and wounding four more in a shooting on a college campus in North Carolina.

The shooting happened Tuesday afternoon as students were wrapping up the final day of classes at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte.

The suspect has been identified as 22-year-old Trystan Andrew Terrell, whose grandfather lives in Arlington.

Terrell attended Mansfield High School until his family moved in 2014.

His grandfather, Paul Rold, said he moved to Charlotte from Mansfield a few years after his mother died.

Rold was stunned by the news of his grandson being involved in a mass shooting. He said he had never shown an interest in guns and didn't like loud noises.

Rold added that Terrell is autistic, and while he is distant, he is also very smart.

Terrell's mother died of breast cancer in 2011, and his family moved to North Carolina when he was a high school sophomore.

He has no prior criminal record, and police say the handgun he used was purchased legally.

But he also was not a current student at UNCC. Terrell was a history major at the UNCC, but had dropped out earlier this semester.

UNCC campus police said Terrell entered a classroom armed with a pistol and opened fire. Two people were killed and four others were hospitalized. Three of those victims were listed in critical condition.

Police say one of the victims was a hero who took action and saved lives. Riley Howell fought Terrell before he was shot and killed.

That fight disarmed the gunman.

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Police are also crediting the officers whose quick response almost certainly saved more lives. They were able to subdue Terrell and arrested him in the classroom where the shootings happened.

Witnesses told FOX 46 in Charlotte that the campus erupted into chaos as students ran frantically to get to safety.

“We barricaded ourselves in a classroom that was empty, and we just waited for any emails or signals,” one student said.

“I just let my family know that I’m safe and kept, kept them updated,” another added. “I’ve heard all these shootings from around the world, around the U.S. And the fact that it’s literally on my campus, it’s frightening. It’s very frightening.”

Student Tristan Field tweeted that he was in the classroom where the shootings happened.

"Why would anyone do this. We were just doing presentations and someone started shooting up the room. We didn't do anything but our work. Stay safe UNCC," he said on Twitter.

Police have not released details about a motive. They said the shooting is still under investigation.

Terrell used to attend UNCC but dropped out. Video shows officers leading him away in handcuffs.

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