2 firefighters hurt in 4-alarm apartment fire in Arlington

Two Arlington firefighters were hurt and a dozen apartments were damaged Sunday in an apartment fire.

The fire at the Springfield Crossing Apartments on Arkansas Lane in north central Arlington started around 4:30 p.m.

Knocking down the flames required a major effort. The Arlington Fire Department got help from the Fort Worth and Pantego fire departments and close to 60 firefighters were involved.

Two firefighters suffered minor injuries while fighting the fire. One was taken to the hospital and the other was treated at the scene. No residents were hurt.

There’s no word yet on the cause of the large fire. It may have broken out inside an apartment on the top floor. Determining that precise point of origin will be part of the investigation that gets underway Monday.

The three-story building that burned is now off limits. Firefighters were at the scene Monday morning to keep away and to keep an eye out for any hot spots or flare ups.

A total of 12 apartments were damaged or destroyed and about 30 residents were displaced. A neighbor told FOX 4 all of the people who lost their homes were re-located to other apartments owned by the same company either in the same complex or at other locations.