2 crash victims hit by robbery suspect remain hospitalized

Two men remain in critical condition after they became the innocent victims of a robbery suspect's violent crime spree.

Police say Dylan Perry robbed two banks, a convenience store and a dealership before leading police on a chase and shootout on Friday.

It ended in a crash after a pickup truck was struck by the suspect in a stolen car. Three people were inside the pickup.

The driver of the pickup, Joe Howard, remains in critical condition. His family says the 41-year-old father of three has a brain injury and has not regained consciousness since the crash.

His family is waiting for any sign that he will pull through.

“There was a very bad brain hemorrhage and he’s not conscious at all,” said Howard’s brother, Jake. “And I saw him open his eye for the first time in three days a few moments ago...and that's about it. “

Howard’s roommate, James Dale, who was sitting behind Howard in the truck, underwent surgery on Monday to repair a crushed hip.

His father, Bob Dale, says he learned about the crash late Friday and then shortly after, saw photos from the scene. 

“It was mangled,” said Bob. “I mean, I don't know how anybody could have lived in that truck, it was so smashed. Everybody I've talked to said they don't know how he lived.  I guess it just wasn't his time to die...none of them.”

A third man in the pickup suffered a broken ankle and has been released.

Howard’s family says that man was in the passenger side of the truck and remembers the crash. He says the truck pulled over as the police chase passed, but then Perry, driving the stolen BMW, turned around, going the wrong way and hitting the pickup truck.