19-year-old man accused of decapitating cat, smearing its blood inside an Arby’s bathroom

A 19-year-old Missouri man faces charges in the alleged of mutilation and decapitation of a cat inside an Arby’s bathroom as revenge for being fired.

Tanner Maggard was charged with one count of animal abuse and one count of property damage in Jackson County, according to court documents. He has also been ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from the Arby’s location where the incident allegedly happened.

Maggard used to work at the location before he was fired in June for allegedly “setting fires” in the restaurant.

On Oct. 19, court documents stated that Maggard went to Arby’s, ordered food and went into the men’s bathroom. He eventually came out and asked the manager if it had been remodeled.

Maggard then went back into the bathroom and into a stall. According to court documents, the manager went in to clean the bathroom after all the customers had left and could hear Maggard in a stall “coughing and gagging.” The manager left the bathroom and waited for Maggard to leave so he could finish cleaning.

When the manager went back into the bathroom to finish cleaning, he found a mutilated cat inside the stall. Court documents said the manager found a cut open and decapitated cat on a changing table. The table, toilet, walls and door of the stall were covered in the animal’s blood. The cat’s head was also propped up on top of the changing table.

The manager exited the bathroom and through a window saw Maggard allegedly in his truck in the parking lot possibly waiting to see a reaction. The manager ran out to get the license plate of the truck and Maggard fled the scene.

Officers responded to the restaurant and processed the scene. One of the officers noted there was no “foul odor” coming from the cat and that it was still warm to the touch, indicating the animal was recently killed.

Arby’s had to buy a new changing station, toilet and repaint the damaged stall.

Court documents stated that the restaurant did not have security cameras.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.